Chinese Magazines of the 1980s: An Online Exhibition


Shih-Wen Sue Chen

Renmin huabao (China Pictorial 人民画报), a monthly magazine, was first published in 1950. During the Cultural Revolution, it was one of four officially sanctioned publications that continued to be published. The calligraphy title on the cover was written by Mao Zedong. 

Jiefangjun huabao (PLA Pictorial 解放军画报) was first published in February 1951 as a monthly. It became a semi-monthly magazine in 2006. Mao Zedong provided the calligraphy for the title.

Nongmin huabao (Farmer’s Pictorial 农民画报) was first published in Beijing in 1981.

Kexue zhichun (The Beginning of Science and Technology 科学之春), a monthly magazine on general science, was first published in Guangzhou in 1979.

Shaonian kexue huabao (Juvenile Science Pictorial 少年科学画报), a monthly magazine, was first published in Beijing in 1979. It was the only science pictorial for children at the time and is still published today.

Shijie meishu (World Art 世界美术), was first published in 1979 by the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing) 中央美术学院 as a monthly and later became a quarterly.

Shijie zhishi huabao (World Affairs Pictorial 世界知识画报) was established in Beijing as a monthly in 1983.

Shih-Wen Sue Chen
School of Communication and Creative Arts
Deakin University