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Issue Number 43, November 2019



Benjamin Penny

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The Transmission Of Buddhist Iconography And Artistic Styles Around The Yellow Sea Circuit In The Sixth Century: Pensive Bodhisattva Images From Hebei, Shandong, And Korea 

Li-kuei Chien

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The Drug Poem In The Dunhuang Story Of Wu Zixu Revisited 

Di Lu

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‘Gaze Upon Its Depth’: On The Uses Of Perspectival Painting In The Early-Modern Chinese Village

Hannibal Taubes

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Tōa-Oan (The Big Pool) 1653-1983: A History Of Water, Forests, And Agriculture In Northern Taiwan 

Hung-yi Chien

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Reprinted papers by Igor de Rachewiltz

The Name of the Mongols in Asia and Europe: A Reappraisal

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Qan, Qa’an and the Seal Of Güyüg

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